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Brad competed in two Olympics as a Flyweight Boxer at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and the 2004 Athens Olympics. As an athlete Brad has competed at an International level for over 25 years as an amateur and professional boxer. 
Brad’s connection to his Indigenous community, his passion for Australian sport and his cultural practice provides Brad with the expertise as a member of the Australian Olympic Indigenous Advisory Committee and motivational speaker in schools all over Australia. 

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Brad Hore has worked in Indigenous health for over 10 years, advancing and encouraging his people through closing the gap initiatives, sporting involvements and local community projects.
Sport has contributed to his passion for community because with the support of his family and community he was able to advance his career, but nothing ever came close to coming home to country. 
Brad is a big advocate for mental health and regularly comments on how returning home to country can be a very healing experience. 
Brad’s Indigenous identity is a credit to his grandmother and mother, both Dunghutti women, who have lead the way to never giving up and giving back to their people.

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Art wasn’t always something Brad was interested in, that was his brothers forte, but when COVID-19 hit in 2020, Brad’s normally outgoing and extroverted nature needed an outlet. During this time his mental health struggled and art became a way to provide a precision type focus and connect to country when the state was locked down. Since Brad started Brad’s digital and canvas art work can be found in government sporting bodies, universities, on apparel and uniforms, in businesses and peoples homes. Each piece is commissioned to tell an individual story, unique to the owner, business and community.

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